Jumaat, 19 Disember 2008


Well as usual friday is a rest day for everyone whose working with the government, as well as me and my wife. Nothing to do in the morning, my wife busy to bake a cup cake and also help her mum to make rojak for this afternoon function. Well for me, I went out just a while to meet my friend cozgot something to discuss, small business meet.

In the afternoon, all of the family went to my wife's aunty house. Coz her cozin celebrating his birthday, belated birthday, actually his birthday last tuesday but he celebrate today. We both think it's just a normal celebration, just us family as usual, but Im a bit surprise when we arrive there, new faces which i never met before, i asked my wife, big celebratrion ah....?!! I'm blurr....! Complete with bouncer....wow.... unlucky i didnt bring extra cloths if not sure i will joined them. Well it's been long time i didn't attending birthday celebration like this, so a bit excited but didn't want to show my excited.... aleh...action much. COntrol ayu.....hehehehee...! Joking...!!

When we arrived there, I saw the birthday boy outside with his friend, well as he saw us coming, he directly come to us and shakehand. So i wish him happy belated birthday, but i didnt know his age...so funny wasn't it? Hahahaha.... So we told him no present to give it to him today since we both were broke, but we promise to give him later. Hahahaha... jgn marah MADI.

Just a simple celebration, karaoke and then bouncer. That's all but it's a very nice celebration. Well we had to leave the party early coz got something else to do but it's a very nice party, and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHE MADI, wish u a happiness in ur life and good luck on your career undertaking, and may ALLAH bless you alwayz.


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