Khamis, 1 Januari 2009

1st DAY OF 2009......

(picture taken from googles)

Today we start open a new book for this year 2009. As the first day of new year, nothing much I can share with you all, since not much activity I'd done today to write in this blog. Well what i just wanna shared I'm busy to attending the wedding ceremony today, I'd got three wedding invitation which all are relatives of mine. Well got headache to make a decision where to go.And very lucky me and my wife decide to go seperately, where she with her family went to Lumut , then me had to go to the other 2 reception. Well at the same time at different place, so tired. Well that's the story of the first day of new year. Public Holiday, suppose today is the rest day for me, since it's also a lot of wedding invitation well forgot about to take a rest, went to the receiption since it's a relative reception which is more compulsary to attend.

That's for today's story the begining of the new year 2009, the busiest day to attending the wedding day..... well fot those who get married today.... Happy married and wish you happily in your new life. For those who celebrate birthday today, Happy birthday and wish you happily and may your dreams come true...! To you all happy new year and hope this 2009 will bring a lot of joy and give us a new way in our life and career undertaking. All the best......GUYs..!

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